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Graton Gallery - California Fine Art & Artisan Crafts ~ “A friendly destination for great art!”

Graton Gallery ~ California Fine Art & Artisan Crafts ~ “A friendly destination for great art!”

Graton Gallery is located in the heart of west Sonoma County. The gallery and adjacent sculpture garden showcase original fine art paintings, prints and sculpture, along with jewelry, pottery, glass, textiles and wood crafts by over 50 local artists.

Since first opening in August 2002, Graton Gallery has offered an ever-changing variety of original art, and is a favorite destination of those who find it. Behind its narrow store-front, the long, high-ceiling show space and adjacent sculpture garden hold one of the largest overall selections of local fine art and artisan crafts in Sonoma County.

The Gallery is owned and operated by a partnership of 8 local artists; Sally Baker, Marylu Downing,Tim Haworth, Bruce K. Hopkins, Rik Olson, Susan Proehl, Sandra Rubin and Mylette Welch. Partners share a common interest in actively supporting the arts as Board Members, Volunteers and Directors of local arts organizations.

New art shows debut every 5 weeks. Opening receptions for each new show offer the public an opportunity to meet the artists, engage in lively conversation, and enjoy our famous hospitality!

Graton Gallery has a unique relationship with a vast pool of professional artists and is able to draw new guest artists for each show. The Gallery hosts 2 juried shows each year to share our walls with the larger artists community. Early in each year we host the Small Works juried show and each summer we host the Anything Goes juried show of medium sized works. We invite accomplished artists from our area to jury each show and all local artists are encouraged to enter and and help celebrate the quality and diversity of our talented local artists community.

Come meet the artists and enjoy Graton Gallery's famous hospitality!

News Flash:
Graton Gallery has been voted 2013 Best Art Gallery in Sonoma County by the Press Democrat's Readers Poll.
Graton Gallery is honored to be chosen as “Best Gallery”. The readers of The Press Democrat get to pick their choices in dozens of categories for the very best of what Sonoma County has to offer. Thank you Press Democrat and Readers!!
Read the Press Democrat's online poll results.

Graton Gallery

Graton Gallery

Celebrating GREAT ART since 2002!

9048 Graton Road, Graton CA 95444


Tuesday ~ Saturday 10:30am to 5pm,
Sunday 10:30am to 4pm


phone: 707-829-8912
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Reception party in the sculpture garden

“WOW. This is hands down the best gallery I've been to in the west coast. As a NYC gallery snob (used to work at Christie's), I have high gallery standards. I was totally surprised to be blown away by a gallery in a town that has... about 1.5 blocks of ‘downtown.’ I dragged my husband along who is not a super art lover, and even he was singing its praises. The art was varied in style, type, and price, which I loved, and somehow it all also seemed to gel together. If you're in the area, definitely put this place on your list. If not, it's still worth a trip!”
- Four STAR Review posted on

Graton Gallery

Discover Graton

A very tiny “taste-full” town not far off the beaten path...

Once considered a “rough little apple cannery town” Graton has become a favorite of locals as well as a tourist destination.

Graton is located 4 miles north of Sebastopol via HWY 116 - turn west on Graton Road for .5 miles to reach town. This laid-back and dog-friendly community is home to artists, writers, musicians, retirees, and young families.

Graton’s small, yet charming business district is an eclectic mix of Zagat-rated restaurants, contemporary fine art and handcraft galleries, antiques, a boutique clothing company, convenience market, wine production facility, community hall, and real estate offices.

Behind the restored historic storefronts lie some of the best restaurants in the county including Underwood Bar & Bistro, Willow Wood Market Café and Mexico Lindo. Graton Gallery and adjacent sculpture garden showcase one of the largest overall selections of California fine art and artisan crafts in Sonoma County. Mr. Ryders Antiques and collectables shop offers an ongoing treasure hunt.

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> Upcoming Exhibitions

> Call for Entries

> Current Show

Showing Now!:

Small Works Juried Show

Clark Mitchell
Show Dates:
January 21 - February 23, 2020
Artists Reception:
Saturday, January 25, 2pm - 5pm

The Small Works 2020 Artists and Entries

Lonna Necker:
Golden Trees
Pink Cyclamen

Patricia Oberg:
Mondrian Cafe

Sarah Ohala:
Upside Down
1, 2, 3

Jay O’Neil:
She’s Nuts
Time’s Up Peace Maker

Linda Ortiz:

Sandra Osequera:
Still Life With...

Sasha Pepper:

Elizabeth Peyton:
Black Eyed Susan
Morning Glory

Leslie Prindle Klein:
Donna Farfalla

Connie Robeson:
Salt Fired Box

C. Anissa Rust:
Bob and Tom

Susan Ryan:
A Thing of Beauty
La Gallina

Tamra Sanchez:
Fig Trio, Sunrise

Dan Scannell:
Tiny Dancer
Painted Lady

Valerie Seaberg:
Tuart Eucalyptus Vessel
Gift from the Sea
Pit Fired Egg

Randall Sequeira:

Jewel Shield:
Heaven and Earth Merging
Floral Delicacy
Fern Opening

Georgia Simons:
Love My Grapes
Sweet Little Mandarin

Frank Schueler:
Late Summer

Marcy Silveira:
All I Need

Sherwin M. Silverman:
Joyful Encounter

Ron Smoot:
Hood Mountain, Goat Rock

Susandra Spicer:
No Secret
The Holy Ones
The Message Center

Pat Spitzig:

Linda Sorensen:

Dave Stohl:
Nailed It

Jan Thomas:
Summer Vines
Eastside Sunset

Barbara Tomin:
Moonlight in the Golden Forest

Thynn Thynn:
Blue Orchid
Lotis Pond

Carole Watanabe:
Canine Confident

Jeff Watts:
Oil Can

Linda Weber:
Harmony II

Steve Weinberger:
Peneda Touro

Rae Ann Williams:
Sunny Today

Molly Eckler:
Venus Dons a New Hat
Corporate Venus
Crow Crossing

Caryl Emrys-Peron:
Persimmon #1
Passion Flower #

Amy Ericksen:

Barbara Evans:
Lovely Coast
Green Foothills

Thea Evensen:
Everything Moves

Beth Failor:
Ponte Vecchio
Piazza Santo Spirito
Harbor at Desenzano

Mary Faria:
Rower on Richardson Bay
Four Satsumas in a Row

Vickie Folkerts Coots:
Monk’s Stone

James M. Freed:
Emeryville Marina
Salish Sea Sunset
Sebastopol Sunset

Mark J. Freed:
Otter Rods
Red Son

Patricia Fritz:
Bashing in the Moon

Thea Goldstine:
Landscape #1

Nancy Hage:
Back Fence Apples
Nick’s Cove
San Francisco

Rose Halady:
Red Poppy

Nina Hari:
Swan Song
The Travelers

Greg Haworth:
Branches of Emain Ablach

Pamela Haworth:

Elisabeth Hegedus:
Birches in Winter Dusk

Kirk Hinshaw:

Mark Hotchkiss:
Distance in Blue and Green

Fred Jacobs:
Pigeon in a Pipe
Liquid Bell Peppers
Rock and Sand

Barbara Jacobs:
This Planet is…
More Than One Way…
Aerial Pathways

Carolyn Jarvis:
Big Red

Myrna Kappler:
Russian River

Cindy King :
Sweet Nectar

Joan Langfeld:
Only the Ravens Know

Robin Leal:
Flowers and Persimmons
Still Life with Persimmons
Moroccan Vase

Karen Lockert:

Sherrie Lovler:
Lost Horizon

Patricia Marina:

John Moore:

Gary Morgret:
Japanese Maple Landscape, Great Blue Heron

Lucia Antonelli:
Cactus Flower
Window of the Soul

Gay Barner:
I’m Running Out of Town

Susan Barri:
Gentle Ben, Little Bun Bun

Tom Basile:

Judith Belfiore:
Phil’s Bird

D.A. Bishop:
Miss Adele’s Chevrolet Coupe

Frank Blood:
Metal Figure

Maggie Bolt:
Touch of Frost
Arabesque Moon
Ancient Journey

Ellen Boulanger:
Can’t Take the Country Out of the Girl

Marguerite Brennan:

Susan Bradford:

Sabra Briere:
Oak and Liquid Amber
Looking Up a Tree

Tim Brody:
Point Arena
Spring Meadow
Black Point Path

Tracy Brusman:

Jessie Buckley:
Desert Ice Pond
Streams and Mountain

Patrick Burke:

Caren Catteral:
Golden Queen Bee
Bee Fairy Leads them…
Trying On Their…

Diane Ceccarelli:
Up and Away

Andrea Cleall:

Connie Cook:

Judith Corning:
Skull #7 Skunks
Evening Tilden Brown

Zann Cuellar:
Vintage Steamer
Vintage Tweeter

Deborah Cushman:
Mission San Antonio
Sebastopol Fall

Lindy Date:

Damon Davies:
West of Paradise

Joyce Delario:
Palo Verde on Sunny Dune Road
Old Creamery

Donna DelaBriandais:
In Motion
Merced River

T. D. Dixon:
Arch Rock Surf
Mexican Mug

Linda Donahue:

Tamsen Donner:
Give It Up
Proud Barry

Linda Dove Pierson:
Lovely Pair

Anne Dowie:
Found in the Field
Lost in Time

Don Drummond:
Crystal Twins

Colleen Dwire:
Let Light Descend
All Together Now

Upcoming Exhibitions:

“Clayton to Graton 3”

Featuring Rik Olson & Fred Kling

Two Old, Old friends from the first grade are showing their Art together for the third time. We are still alive and kickin....
Guest Artists:
James Freed, Timothy Dixon,
Johanna Ottenweller & Ron Douglas Smoot
Show Dates:
February 25 - March 29, 2020
Saturdsay, February 29, 2020, 2pm - 5pm, Leap Year Day!


Show Dates:
April 1 - May 4, 2020

More information to come

Show Dates:
May 6 - June 8, 2020

More information to come

Show Dates:
June 10 - July 13, 2020

More information to come

Bruce Hopkins

Show Dates:
May 6 - July 15 - August 17, 2020

More information to come

Show Dates:
August 19 - September 21, 2020

More information to come

Show Dates:
September 23 - October 26, 2020

More information to come

Show Dates:
October 28 - November 30, 2020

More information to come

Show Dates:
December 1, 2020 - January 4, 2021

More information to come

> Past Exhibitions

> Upcoming Exhibitions

> Current Show

  • Artist~Partners

  • Sally Baker

  • Marylu Downing

  • Tim Haworth

  • Bruce K. Hopkins

  • Rik Olson

  • Susan Proehl

  • Sandra Rubin

  • Mylette Welch

Our Artist-Partners

The Gallery is owned and operated by a partnership of 8 local artists who are inspired by the local culture and beautiful natural environment and their inner visions.

Our artist~partners cover a wide variety of subjects, techniques and inspirations. The gallery walls are constantly changing with a wide variety of art to please any art lover. Please vist each artists section for samples of our work.

Sally Baker ~ Watercolors that create a specific moment in time.

Marylu Downing ~ ive Imaginatpaintings inspired by everthing a rich life and environment provide.

Tim Haworth ~ Plein aire landscapes, monotypes.

Bruce K. Hopkins ~ Landscapes, cityscapes and figure studies and abstract art in pastels, gouache, acrylics & digital media.

Rik Olson ~ Printmaking and painting of landscapes and more.

Susan Proehl ~ Absract paintings.

Sandra Rubin ~ Acrylic paintings of land, figure and still life expressing immediate and profound responses to being alive.

Mylette Welch ~ Colorful, playful portraits of dogs, children, old diners, and rusty trucks from a a surrealistic world of dreams and memories.

Sally Baker

I am a watercolor artist in Sebastopol, California. I live with my husband Neil. Our son Keith has left Los Angeles and moved back to Sonoma County. Originally from Los Angeles, I received by B.A. from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and my teaching credential from the University of Southern California. I have been teaching fine arts for the past thirty-four years and currently teach at Healdsburg High School. Artist’s statements, like their art, evolve over time. So it is with me. As I reflect on my work, I inevitably come to certain conclusions. My early work spoke of my affinity with the high desert. I felt passionate about adobe structures. I was fascinated with the intensity of the soft desert colors. I was also drawn to the intense shadows cast because of the special light quality of the desert atmosphere. Although my work continues to focus on strong shadow shapes, I would have to say that my love of color has dominated my more current work. I love to use very saturated pigments while still allowing the light of the paper to shine through. After visiting Japan seven summers ago and again three summers ago, my subject matter has focused on Asian still life. I have always been drawn the Asian aesthetic and it seems to suit my style. I visited Italy this past March and returned with pottery from Tuscany and my latest paintings include luscious colors inspired by the region. I would describe my work as sharp focused with emphasis on strong shadow shapes that create a specific moment in time. It is my hope that the viewer will be engaged, enter the picture, slow down, explore and visit for a while.

Sally Baker

Sally Baker

Below are just a few samples of Sally's vibrant watercolor paintings:

Tuscan Plate with Asparagus

Tuscan Plate with Asparagus

Asian Still Life

Asian Still Life #3

Shells and Shadows

Shells and Shadows

Chopsticks with Blue and White Vessels

Chopsticks with Blue and White Vessels

Persimmon and Japanese Pot

Persimmon and Japanese Pot

Tuscan Plate with Asparagus

Tuscan Plate with Grapes

Marylu Downing

Most of my life I've made art. For many years I created more functional art: dolls, puppets, painted boxes, original games and wearable art clothing. After completing a large order of hand-painted scarves for Nordstrom, I longed to leave production art and just paint, and I did that in 1993.”

I often work from the imagination but also use references. I create commissioned work from a meeting with the person, or family and continue from photographs.”

I also participate in the open studio events Art at the Source in June and ARTrails in October. Check the Art Shows section for upcoming events information.”

My art is in collections worldwide and I like to think that I am making a connection through paintings. I hope you find something in my art that makes you smile, or perhaps the colors match your sofa!”

Marylu Downing

Below are just a few samples of Marylu's prints and paintings:

Hot House

Sun Room


First Cuppa

Living Room


Tim Haworth

I have a need, quite literally, an obsession to make art and I seek a variety of methods to accomplish that goal. When out of the studio, I usually put my focus on plein aire landscape, painting in the moment. There is no end to subject matter here on the north coast and I take advantage of that as often as possible. My preferred medium is pastel, but I also work in graphite and conte’ pencil.

Much of my studio work is monotype printing. I use oil based graphic ink in traditional and non-traditional methods. My work is grounded in landscape, using field sketches and photography for inspiration and models. I have studied with noted artists, Elizabeth Quandt and Shane Weare and I consider them mentors. I hold a degree in fine art studio from Sonoma State University with an emphasis in printmaking.

I have painted and drawn since I was eight years old. It has always been a sort of refuge for me. I never tire of seeing the way light works on surfaces, of the way colors in nature juxtapose and of the way distant mountains meld with the sky. I’m excited by the challenge of putting that experience to paper.

Past and Current Associations:
Sonoma County Arts Council
Graton Gallery
Calabi Gallery
Towers Gallery
Sebastopol Center for the Arts
SSU Alumni Association

Tim Haworth

Below are a few samples of Tim's prints and paintings:

Along the Sacramento

Bodega Head


Hurricane Ridge

Near Winnemucca

Upper Kern


Bruce K. Hopkins

As a long time resident of California's Bay Area, I work from my studio in Vallejo, California. Building on a life-long interest in fine art, a BA degree in studio art, and a career as an illustrator, I have been exhibiting my fine art since 2000. I joined Graton Gallery as a partner in 2013. I have a variety of visual interests, including geometric art, land/sea/cityscapes, figure studies and non-objective art. I currently work in a variety of media, including pastels, acrylic, gouache and digitally created art.

Bruce K. Hopkins

Images to be updated soon

Rik Olson

Rik in his Studio

Born in Antioch, California in 1944, Rik Received his B.F.A. from the California College of Arts & Crafts, Oakland, in 1967. He studied and exhibited work in Florence, Italy, Germany and the U.S. Best known for his work in wood engraving, which he learned from Barry Moser and John DePol, he also works in Scratchboard, Pen & Ink, Etching, color linocut and about anything he can get his hands on. The last 20 years he has been freelancing his illustration work in the U.S. and abroad to corporate and publishing clients. Rik currently lives in Sebastopol California with his wife Brita and their two dogs.

Rik Olson

Below are just a few samples of Rik's prints and paintings:

Ole Olson Linocut Print

Linocut - Steamroller Print - SF Center for the Book 2008

Morning Star

Morning Starr - linocut print

Bodega Head Arch

Bodega Head Arch - acrylic/canvas

Twilight Oaks

Twilight Oaks

Markusturm Gate

Markusturm Gate - acrylic/panel

Winter Persimmons

Winter Persimmons - linocut print


Poppies - linocut print

Susan Proehl

I am an abstract painter. My paintings are bold and colorful. Much of my perspective is aerial. My husband, Steve, is an aerial photographer. I have either flown with him in the helicopter or glanced over his shoulder as he edits his work. These flights and glances resonate within me. The shapes, lines, colors find their way onto my canvas..

My studio is in Sebastopol. Here I daily paint and have Open Studios each year with Art at the Source in June and Art Trails in October.

My abstracts begin when I paint out the white of the canvas with the color orange. I continue to randomly apply heavy black lines of pencil around the canvas. This grounds me.

I work with acrylics, oil pastels, pencil, graphite, and oil sticks. Words or found objects often find their way into my pieces. I create layers with marks, lines, and paint creating stories under the layers. Scratching out to explore what is underneath, revealing hidden colors, lines or shapes and raw edges is one of my favorite experiences. Making marks and lines takes me to many places and I am always leaning towards a new direction.

Susan Proehl
Facebook: Susan Proehl-Abstract Painting and Collage

Below are just a few samples of Susan's prints and paintings:

Susan Proehl

Sandra Rubin

My paintings - pigment on canvases- speak for me. While my words feel clumsy, I find a visual language expresses my response to being alive, and my desire to connect.

Sometimes I start with a particular image, idea or feeling (light behind leaves, spaces between branches, my dog at the beach-) usually something of beauty that “gives me pause”, that I would like to share.

In the process of painting I explore- make marks and respond- to colors, lines, shapes- until something of meaning and beauty emerges. In my favorite paintings something profound happens- something I can't anticipate or totally control- but deeply honor and appreciate.

I primarily work with acrylic paints- I paint figures, landscapes, sometimes still lives, often in expressive and abstract ways. I love mixing colors. I like to use marks that retain the energy of the moment. I appreciate interesting edges. I feel free to try different styles/colors/ mediums. I strive for a sense of space and simplicity- as a way to approach the “essence” of my subject and communication.

I like to leave space for the viewer to participate, and engage.

If you would like to see more of my paintings, please contact me:

Sandra Rubin
phone: 707-823-4728

Below are just a few samples of Sandra's paintings:

Sandra Rubin

Mylette Welch

Mylette in her Studio

Painter Mylette Welch was born in the sun-drenched, color saturated island of Oahu. Her family moved two years later to dusty, dry Bakersfield. “Something was missing.” She remembers thinking, “Where did all the color go? ”For anyone who has seen Welch’s paintings, its obvious that the color went into her playful portraits of stray dogs, children, old diners, and rusty trucks.

Mylette’s paintings are rooted in the Sonoma County landscape- gas stations, farmer’s markets, the vineyards, neighbor’s gardens, old trucks, and burger stands. But occasionally her paintings veer off into a surrealistic world of dreams and memories, where goldfish swim around the kitchen and accordions fly through the night sky.

Mylette Welch

Below are just a few samples of Mylette's paintings:

Blonds have more Fun

Blonds have more Fun



Space Patrol

Space Patrol

Vineyard Boys

Vineyard Managers

Swanky Franks

Swanky Franks

Stink Eye at the Crab Shack

Stink Eye at the Crab Shack

Our Artisans

Graton Gallery features a variety of
Original Artisan Crafts by over 80 Northern California Artists

Our list of Artisans is being updated. Check back soon.

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“Transparency Matters”
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“Transparency Matters”

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“Transparency Matters”
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“Transparency Matters”

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Sandra Rubin & Gage Opdenbrouw
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“Now and Then”
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“Now and Then”

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“Now and Then”
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“Now and Then”
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“Now and Then”

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“Now and Then”
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“Now and Then”

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Graton Gallery

Graton Gallery is located in the heart of the Green Valley wine region of Sonoma County, California.

Graton's charming 1 block downtown district is packed with original art, antiques, Asian treasures and highly acclaimed restaurants including: Graton Gallery, Mr. Ryder & Company Antiques, Art Honors Life/The Gallery at Funeria, Underwood Bar & Bistro, Willow Wood Market Café, and Mexico Lindo.

Graton Gallery

Celebrating GREAT ART since 2002!

9048 Graton Road, Graton CA 95444


Tuesday ~ Saturday 10:30am to 5pm,
Sunday 10:30am to 4pm


phone: 707-829-8912

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To receive advance notice of our exhibitions, receptions and special events via email and/or snail mail - please send your contact info to:

Gallery Artist~Partners contact info:

Sally Baker

Marylu Downing

Tim Haworth

Bruce Hopkins

Rik Olson

Susan Proehl

Sandra Rubin

Mylette Welch

Our Friends:

Main Stage West
Performing Artists Theater
104 N. Main Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472
707-823-0177 -

Graton Gallery: 9048 Graton Road, Graton CA 95444 | 707-829-8912 |
Open Tuesday ~ Saturday 10:30 to 5pm, Sunday 10:30am to 4pm